#100 "Gnôthi Seauton"

Cashmere, merino & shed skin of boa constricor snake: discover our our handed-collaboration with Aline Putot-Toupry

#77 "Königin der Nacht"

This transcription of a famous opera aria by Mozartwas prested for the first time at the Révélations 2022 fair in Paris  in June 2022.

#67 et #68 "Free & Equal"

Commission for Mobilier national, for its « Les Aliénés » collection exhibited at Galerie des Gobelins in June 2022.

Creations available for purchase are shown in the Collection page.


Intimate or family places, secret or shared gardens, subtly encoded in a fluid and enveloping fabric made from the most beautiful Italian and Scottish merino and cashmere.

Rare Wools

Patterns drawn from 18th, 19th and early 20th century weavers’ notebooks at the service of rare and exceptional yarns: wool from the Northern islands to the confines of Champagne, Irish merino tweeds, alpacas from small French farms and many others….

Còig Dathan

Five colors that come together and move away, intertwine and respond to each other, creating a fabric with a unique vibration…

Còig Dathan (“Five Colors” in Scottish Gaelic) is an exclusive design inspired by a pattern compiled in a weaver’s notebook from the early 20th century.


Inspiration, Creations, Work in Progress…