Textile Tableau #79

"Across The Universe"

Hand Woven in Paris

February 2022

This soft textile tableau is the woven hand woven transcription of music, a signature feature of Atelier Le Traon’s textile art.

Each note is represented by a color, lines and columns are adopting the rhythms of the composition:

the fabric has become a music score.

Discover here a video in which author weaver Mathieu Le Traon reveals how to decipher the code:

Listen here to the Beatles’s original version of the song, and discover also Rufus Wainwright’s beautiful interpretation.

Beatles’ version

Rufus Wainwright’s version

Woven with a soft and luxurious blend of geelong merino wool and yak down, this both graphic and tactile panel takes its design form the melody of “Across The Universe”, one of the Beatles’ most beautiful songs.
In its width, the panel unrolls the melody of the mantra « Jai Guru Deva Om » at the heart of the song.
In its length, it unrolls the melody carrying the following lyrics: “ Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting // Through my opened mind // Possessing and caressing me…” .

At the edge and on the border of the throw, the colors are organised between two white stripes in the order of the scale: the dark blue line slightly larger than the others indicates the “G“ note and acts as a marker. (A-grey, B-beige, C-red, etc.) The white color is used to note rests. F-sharp is indicated by the alternance of green (F) and blue (G). C-sharp alternates red (C) and dark beige (D).