Creation #55


Hand Woven in Paris

This plump generous cushion is a woven transcription of music, a signature feature of Atelier Le Traon’s textile art.

Each note is represented by a color, lines and columns are adopting the rhythms of the composition:

the fabric has become a music score…

Discover here a video in which author weaver Mathieu Le Traon gives the details of this creation made in collaboration with Parisian upholsterer Franck Ciani:
Woven with a luxurious worsted cashmere yarn originating from Scotland’s heritage spinning mill Johnston of Elgin, this graphic and tactile fabric takes its design from the Habanera aria in Bizet’s opera Carmen.
L’amour est un oiseau rebelle
que nul ne peut apprivoiser…

Listen here to the Habanera sung by the immortal Maria Callas:

Are You A Musician?

This is how you'll find the key!

At the edges of the cushion, the colors are woven between two white stripes in the order of the music scale: 

the darker beige line that is slightly larger than the others indicates the “G“ note and acts as a marker: A is deep blue, B is red, C is light beige, etc.) The white color is used to note rests. 

B-Flat is indicated by the alternance of red (B) and deep blue (A). F-sharp alternates light blue (F) and dark beige (G).

You’re now ready to « play » the fabric…

Like every Atelier Le Traon creation, this cushion is a one-of-a-kind, numbered work.
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