Custom Creations

Handwoven luxury fabrics

Whether you wish to offer an exceptional cashmere shawl for a special occasion, or to create a series of cushions or throws to embellish a luxury interior, I will create for you exclusive and personalized pieces, handwoven in my Parisian workshop.

Through the choice of materials, patterns and colors, I will help you give your fabric a symbolic and personal dimension that will make it an absolutely unique creation, the discreet witness of a story, of a moment of emotion

Custom Tweed Design

Each tweed carries with it the mark of a place, a family history, a tradition that is unique to it. In the manner of the great Scottish Estates, I will create for you a tweed pattern that symbolizes your own history, celebrating your own roots, and make it into fabrics for clothing, accessories, or home decor.

Whether you are an individual wishing to celebrate your family heritage, or a company wishing to assert its identity and values, I will help you translate your story into a beautiful, unique and timeless tweed pattern.

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